Gris-Gris: The crying rock

Souillac, the village, the old railway station, the Balfour Garden…a friendly narrow street leading to Gris-Gris.


Souillac, the village, the old railway station, the Balfour Garden… a friendly narrow street leading to Gris-Gris. On one side of the road, more sophisticated bungalows although some seem to have been standing there forever… Among them a famous one, still open to the public : the home of the well-known Mauritian poet, Robert Edward Hart. Today it is a modest museum. On the other side, humble homes but so typical and warm.

A few meters away, the parking lot where dholl puri, chilly bites and ice cream vendors are busy… what a sight ! A real experience !

Nicely nestled between the Gris-Gris and La Roche qui Pleure cliffs, a lovely sandy creek surrounded by a lush green vegetation between filaos trees and veloutiers. A shallow clear, green and crystalline lagoon protected by a wide coral reef, what a contrast of colors! La Roche qui Pleure could translate as the “crying rock”… when watching and listening to the waves breaking against its sides, we do have the impression that the cliff is crying !

Sitting on the grass at the top of the cliff, you can breathe deeply that salty ocean air brought by that gentle breeze coming straight from the South Pole. Here, we all feel we could be great poets! This is without doubt, where Robert Edward Hart drew his inspiration for : « Méditation du bienheureux Pierre” (1931)…When doubting, the latter asked the Indian wise man Ananda: “Where should I flee?” the answer is sharp, biting and crystal clear: “Nowhere. Stay here. Gods look after this island as one of the last places in the world where man will be able to live in harmony with nature, to keep his sense of inner freedom, of light and beauty contributing to its elevation”

Back to the car and about to start, a knock on the window, a friendly guy looking for a little financial help… hundred rupees or fifty could do! Sadly enough, he has run out of petrol right at La Roche qui Pleure! Enough to make the rock cry!

Before heading back, a stop at Rosy, The Gris-Gris Restaurant. Typical Mauritian cuisine and reasonable prices.

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