Sugar cane flowers in full bloom

The sugar cane is in full bloom… a clear announcement of the coming harvest.


At the bottom of Pieter Both and Port Louis – Moka range of mountains fields of mauve-pink, lilac-mauve and silvery grey leafy banners or sheaves waltzing and scintillating in the wind. The sugar cane is in full bloom, clear announcement of the coming harvest! The kick off for very soon : putting to work laborers, craftsman, mechanics, lorry drivers, weighers and sirdars*. A world earning a living around this industry which only a few years back was the cornerstone of the Island’s economy.

*Sirdar, inherited from India is an honourable title for a foreman holding a responsible position

The last sugar canes will be crushed at the beginning of December… When we see the lorries proudly displaying bright orange flamboyant flowers we all know that the time has come for the last loads to be taken to the mills… Christmas is around the corner, time to eat lychees and mangoes…

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