Mon Choisy beach

On week-ends, many Mauritian families come to Mon Choisy beach, a sought-after place.


It is one of the most spacious public beaches of the island and most popular in summer for the generous shade of the numerous filaos (casuarina) trees and in winter for the shelter they provide from the prevailing winds. The lagoon is safe and there are no currents. Reassuring, as very few Mauritians are good swimmers.

On weekends, many Mauritian families come to Mon Choisy beach, a sought-after place. Sundays are very animated, noisy and just too much!  Around tents and barbecue, picnickers and campers organize themselves to spend the day within groups of families or friends. Everything goes to mark one’s territory and create some privacy; tent like shelters are set up, plastic rectangles, sarongs and meters of colorful fabric spread across and tied to trees, sisal mats and old patched tents, tables and stools… The smell of fried food and stale oil, mixed to the flavor of curries and pharatas, linger in the air.

Children play happily, ice-cream vans with their deafening jingles drive up and down trying to catch a few clients, canvassers looking for customers for a boat trip, a buoy ride, a juice at the beach café or snack bar… There’s something here for everyone… everyone looks happy!


Devanand, the coconut seller, parks his chock a block blue van every day at the same spot, opposite the main entrance, and waits for his customers…  “I started selling coconuts with my father 48 years ago, when I was 12 years old, in those days there no tourists…” Devanand has never dreamt doing something else with his life, he is happy selling his coconuts, he has a job, feeds his family and has no stress. Back to the beautiful beach and turquoise lagoon, he faces the road all day long… a question of choice!

During week days, the atmosphere is peaceful, a few discreet campers here and there. Beach umbrellas and sunbeds well-aligned are waiting for the tourists. The Mauritians lie on the beach or bring their own! The Fast Food vans and kiosks are more visible: “Stéphanie’s Tropical Salads”, ‘Best Kebab N Briani’, ‘Magic Kiosk’ as well as ‘Master Kebab’!  With an ideal, not so organized fitness trail along the beach, joggers and walkers are numerous.

Mon Choisy… almost two kilometers of beach… Do not miss it 😉


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