The mangroves with Suraj

Hidden beauties of the island and makes us aware of the importance to protect nature.


Today, Suraj, one of Attitude’s hotels Green Ambassadors is our guide. With him we are going to discover a totally unsuspected world. We aim towards Anse la Raie on the North coast of Mauritius, close to the fishermen’s village of Cap Malheureux, well-known for its red roof church!

Suraj takes us to his secret garden: the mangroves. Well-rooted in swampy ground, these plants, thanks to their roots, prevent coastal erosion and dampening action of waves, high tides and cyclones on coastline. They provide habitats for oysters, crabs, shrimps juvenile fish and a number of marine organisms.


Suraj looks amorously at the rows of tiny soft green leaves resembling elegant ladies, holding high their skirts and dipping their delicate toes in the water!

It is warm and we are lulled by the tapping of the water beneath the soft music of the waves. Suraj watches the sea with respect, the sea is his whole life and has been generous to him and his family for many generations. Suraj, after a training with NGO Reef Conservation, has become a Green Ambassador. He shares his passion and knowledge with his colleagues as well as Attitude’s guests. He unveils the hidden beauties of the island and makes them aware of the importance to protect nature. In a few days, he will be back in his mangroves with the same message and invitation to others… allow nature to breathe, do not spoil it…

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