Christopher Tyack’s Interview : a Windsurf & Kitesurf fan

Hyperactive and optimistic against all odds… In French we say against winds and tides! A urge to share my passion.

Hobby or passion?

In my youth when we were on holidays, right in the south of the island, there was not much to do. With friends, our hobby and fun was to ride those big surfboards “windgliders” ! This is when I fell into the magic and this explains thirty years of passion for the sea and surfing, windsurfing and skiing…

Windsurf, surf, or kitesurf?

I would be inclined to say : a toy for each weather forecast!

How would you describe yourself?

Hyperactive and optimistic against all odds… in French we say against winds and tides! A urge to share my passion…

Tell us more about competitions…

A photo shoot brought me back to Mauritius. As enthusiast as a child, I climbed on a windsurf… everybody else had moved to kitesurfing. Just for the sake of having fun, ten of us dusted off our old material… Then we had to think about being better equipped! The next step was to organize competitions. The keen interest of the elders and the enthusiasm and curiosity of the younger generation were an incredible driving force. Five years later we are 150 riders!

What about the « Mauritius Freeride Attitude Challenge »

Each year we have over 100 participants. For a whole week, the Mauritian lagoon becomes a huge playground for riders, both professionals and amateurs. The beautiful waves at le Morne are well-known to all riders. I went to Tahiti and Hawaï, Mauritius has nothing to envy! We have beautiful spots for all levels of the competition, the regularity of the wind, the beautiful panoramas, the safety offered by the coral reef as well as the temperature of the sea which allows to ride for a good 10 months during the year.

Your next challenge?

Import here, in Mauritius, the Défi Wind label. I believe in Mauritius and its riders! I am proud of my friend’s, Fabrice Leclézio, performances. I see a younger generation full of talents: Jérôme Bonieux, Louka Pitot, Julien Maurel or Simon Lamusse. So many more reasons to rejoice about this favorable wind blowing over the island!

Future objectives?

My objective is that the lagoon becomes accessible to more and more people… I would like to see a younger generation of Mauritians with a much bigger interest in water sports. Associations which could accompany the less privileged as well as the privileged in the practice of surfing, windsurfing and skiing. I would like to see all Mauritians enjoy this incredible lagoon valued by so many who usually come from so far… Their lagoon…

Le Morne 7 © SAR

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