How to make 100% natural sunscreen

Friday July 31, 2020

As the Baz Luhrmann song goes, ‘Everybody’s Free (to Wear Sunscreen)’. Wouldn’t it be great if everybody was free to wear sunscreen that’s free of chemicals to help stop the damage that sunscreen is doing to the planet?

What is 100% natural sunscreen?

It’s exactly what it says – you won’t find any chemicals in natural sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens use chemicals to block UVA and UVB rays, while natural sunscreen uses minerals. The reason that many commercial sunscreens contain chemicals is because it’s cheaper than using natural ingredients.

Why should I use natural sunscreen?

It’s safer for your skin and for the planet. Natural sun cream is ‘reef safe’; it doesn’t damage the ocean’s coral reefs. 70% of coral reefs are highly threatened and, according to the WWF, 25% of reefs have already suffered irreversible damage. Part of this is down to global warming and intense fishing, but it’s also because of all the chemical products that are poured into the ocean. 25% of most sunscreens will wash off after just 20 minutes in the water. An estimated 25,000 tons is poured into the oceans each year, including 4,000 tons absorbed by coral reefs. It’s known as ‘swimmer pollution’.

Shocking figures, right?

Natural sunscreen has the same colour and texture as the commercial creams that you’ll already be familiar with. The only visible difference is that mineral sunscreen leaves a white filter on your skin – this is a good thing! It means that it is doing its job as a proper screen from the sun, acting as a mineral barrier that stays on the surface of your skin rather than sinking in like chemical sunscreens.

How can I make natural sunscreen at home?

All the ingredients needed to make your own 100% natural sunscreen are easy to find in supermarkets, health shops or online. Here’s how to make your own sunscreen at home in four easy steps and using just four natural ingredients.

DIY natural sunscreen recipe:

  1. Melt 5g of natural soya wax in a water bath on a low heat (37-40°)
  2. Then add:
    • 70 g coconut oil (this can be the same one that you use for cooking)
    • 30 g no-nano zinc oxide
    • 20 g tapioca or powdered arrow root (the arrow root must already be in powder form – don’t try to grate it yourself as powdered arrow root goes through a complex process where the roots are treated, dried, starch is extracted and the roots are dehydrated).
  3. Mix the ingredients together and pour your cream into a clean bottle
  4. And that’s it! Leave to cool for around 25 minutes before applying.

The mineral sunscreen offered to all guests at Lagoon Attitude is SPF30+. We’ve come up with a simpler recipe for you so that you can make a water-resistant SPF25 sunscreen that’s 100% natural and reef-safe. We recommend topping up with mineral sunscreen every two hours.

Thank you to our local partner Kokodezil, who makes our sunscreen 🙂

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