10 eco-friendly must-haves that are made in Mauritius

Friday February 4, 2022

Whether you live on the island or you are here for a holiday, it’s the small choices you make that can add up to a big difference. These eco-friendly must-haves make a positive impact when it comes to saving the planet; and buying local, rather than imported souvenirs and products, helps the local economy, too. Here are a few of our favourites. 

Palm leaf plates

Who knew an eco-friendly plate could look so good? These palm leaf plates are perfect for a picnic at the beach or a barbecue with your family and friends. They are a great alternative to plastic and have been crafted in Mauritius from natural and renewable resources.

Available from: 

Natural and eco-friendly deodorant

Some anti-perspirants use aluminium to block your sweat glands – but natural and eco-friendly deodorant is different. You still sweat, but it neutralises the odour without the harmful baddies, meaning it’s kinder to both you and the planet. 

Available from:

  • Kokodezil
  • Le Rendez-vous at La Croisette in Grand-Baie

Bee’s Wraps
Clingfilm and aluminium foil is a thing of the past when it comes to preserving your food. Take a stand for the planet and switch to Bee’s Wraps, a natural and sustainable alternative to plastic wrap, perfect for protecting your bread and tasty dishes. 

Available from:

  • Zardin Papou at Mont Choisy Mall 
  • Ruisseau Créole at Rivière Noire

Stainless steel straws 

You can protect the world’s marine life by saying no to plastic straws. When you order a drink, you can specify that you don’t want a straw, but – if you like to use one – we recommend these plastic-free, safe and reusable alternatives. These environmentally-friendly steel or metal straws can replace thousands of plastic straws, they are easy to carry in your bag and look beautiful in a cocktail or smoothie!

Available from:

Eco-friendly flip flops 

If flip-flops are your must-have, then consider an eco-friendly pair made of natural fibres, such as vegetable leather or vegetable latex. These flip flops contain no plastic and are comfortable, durable and eco-friendly.

Available from:

Ear-cleaning spoons 

You might not have heard of ear-cleaning spoons before, but this is the eco-friendly alternative to cotton buds. This type of curette cleans out earwax and can be rinsed and reused, so it is less polluting to the planet. They are great value, too.

Available from: 

  • L’Ecolo – le coin zéro déchet in Curepipe

Stainless steel bottles

Reusable stainless-steel water bottles are a much kinder-to-the-planet alternative to single-use plastic, helping to avoid unnecessary landfill. They also keep your hot or cold drink at the right temperature for longer. 

Available from:

  • Galaxy store in Port Louis 
  • Busy B at Beau Bassin
  • Meili Boutique in Curepipe
  • Mont Choisy Mall

Reusable fabric wraps

These are great little gifts to take home with you. Made by a local company called Ecokind, you can use these reusable fabric wraps to carry sandwiches to work or school, so you no longer need to use plastic film or aluminium foil. They are also washable, so perfect for protecting your food time and again – as well as the planet. 

Available from:

  • Ecokind
  • Le Rendez-vous at La Croisette, Grand Baie

Natural cleaning products
Nature is powerful and Mauritius has harnessed 100% natural ingredients to create a 0% chemical cleaner. This ecological product deep-cleans surfaces while being kind to the environment, too. 

Available from:

  • L’Ecolo – le coin zéro déchet in Curepipe

Natural shampoo and soap

We’ve found a product that’s good for your hair, your skin and the planet. Made by a Mauritian company called 100.local.mauritius, the shampoo and soap has no chemical nasties and is made with natural ingredients right here on the island.  

Available from:

  • Bazar Canonniers, Pointe aux Canonniers

Written with love by Tessa M


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