Guide to Sustainable Shopping in Mauritius

Monday March 18, 2024

Want to add a spark to your holiday while making a meaningful impact? Dive into the local shopping scene in Mauritius. The island is filled with incredibly skilled artists and artisans. 

Picking up locally made souvenirs is more than just making a purchase; you’re weaving a connection with Mauritian culture and supporting the local brands and creators. Plus, our second-hand shops breathe new life into a wide array of items. Ready for a shopping experience that’s both sustainable and fun?


“My Pop-Up Store” The hub for local creators

Credits photo : My Pop-Up Store

Located in Cap tamarin, in the west coast of Mauritius,  My Pop-Up Store is the ultimate hub for all things awesome from Mauritian makers. By bringing together the best of local craftsmanship, this initiative creates a bridge between the island’s creators and you.
From traditional crafts to emerging new brands, come discover the richness and diversity of Mauritius.

My Pop-Up Store also manages the Otentik Bazar in every Attitude hotel, so pop in during your stay and see what authentic souvenirs you can find!


Otentik Bazar : A Spotlight on local craftsmanship

You’ll find an Otentik Bazar in every Attitude Hotel in Mauritius, run in partnership with My Pop-Up Store. It’s a dedicated space for us to support local businesses, artists and makers who share our values for locally-made and environmentally-friendly products.

From cruelty-free cosmetics to  clothing, each purchase means you are supporting the local economy, the community and the dreams of talented entrepreneurs! We also donate 5% of each purchase to the Green Attitude Foundation, which supports sustainable projects on the island.

By shopping at Otentik Bazar, you’re not just buying; you’re actively contributing to a more sustainable and equitable future for Mauritius.


“The Good Shop” : more than just a second-hand store

Credits photo : The Good shop

The Good Shop” stands out as a second-hand store where every purchase contributes both to environmental improvement and to funding employment and education initiatives in Mauritius. With stores in Calebasses, Curepipe, Moka, and Petite Rivière, The Good Shop is your go-to destination for finding pre-loved treasures among a wide selection of clothing, accessories, and home goods.

The commitment of “The Good Shop” goes beyond just selling second-hand products. Many of their employees are hires that empower individuals who might face barriers to employment. To date, The Good Shop’s network has saved 200,000 items from ending up in landfill, reaffirming their commitment to a more sustainable future for the island.

Try a shopping experience that does good, supporting worthy causes while finding unique items


Double Life Mauritius : A Second Life for Your Clothes


Credits photo : Double Life

Double Life Mauritius is a store located in St Pierre, specializing in second-hand fashion. This store champions circular fashion by reducing waste and extending the lifespan of clothing. Here, you’ll find clothes, bags, accessories, and shoes ready to begin a new chapter in their lives, with many top brands available at a fraction of their original price.

Double Life offers a unique opportunity to redefine the way we consume fashion, by choosing durable pieces that combine style, quality, and environmental responsibility.


Le Rendez-vous : A window to Mauritian artistry

Credits photo : Le Rendez-vous

Le Rendez-vous is a pop-up store in Grand Baie and St Pierre. The company formed to shine a light on Mauritian brands that represent the craftsmanship of the island, so 100% of everything on sale is made right here on the island. Head to this concept store and you’ll find a lively buzz and the chance to see what 30 local brands have been creating, from fashion, stationery and jewellery to children’s games.

Swing by Le Rendez-vous to experience the best of Mauritian creativity, help the local economy, and find unique items that showcase the island’s culture and stories.

Written with love by Manon Antoine


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