Ti Zil facing the 5 northern islands

Wednesday September 21, 2022

Welcome to Ti Zil! Zilwa Attitude hotel’s ‘small island’ is the setting for the second We Love Maurice video. Woréka is on the turntables and the panorama is heavenly. Action!


Welcome to the second We Love Maurice video. We are in Calodyne, on Ti Zil, between Grand Gaube and Cap Malheureux. It’s a paradise spot on the north coast of Mauritius and we are with Woréka!

This new We Love Mauritius video is a project created to explore the natural heritage of the island and its musical talents, from the south to the north. After the first video was set to the waves and impressive views of La Roche qui Pleure (read our article: La Roche qui Pleure as you’ve never seen it before), let’s head for the calm of the northern lagoons, which are protected by a huge coral reef.

Ti Zil means ‘small island’ and it’s adjacent to Gran Zil (yes, ‘big island’). This paradise islet is accessible by boat from Zilwa Attitude hotel, which is located just opposite. Today, hotel guests who like to relax during an island barbecue or massage have given way to the team from La Isla TV, the producers of this video who create epic shots. It must be said that the panorama around Ti Zil is amazing. From here you can see the five northern islands, all deserted: Le Coin de Mire, Île Plate, Gabriel Island, Serpent Island and Ron Island!

Woréka? He is one of the talented artists on an island full of gems, especially when it comes to electronic music. This DJ-producer is a member of the very famous Mauritian electronic group, Babani Soundsystem. For an hour and six minutes and ‘alone in the world’ he alternates regional rarities, personal productions and a nod to Mauritian music, notably the artist Kaya, a legend of Mauritian seggae (a fusion of Sega and reggae).

The video, interspersed with about 30 informative captions written in French and English, is full of highlights and anecdotes, especially about the famous Coin de Mire, visible on the horizon…

Coin de Mire is probably the most iconic landscape in the north of Mauritius. Located 6.5 kilometers from Ti Zil, this legendary island is a protected nature reserve home to endangered birds.

These texts and images are an opportunity to discover iconic sites…

We fly over the tip of Butte à l’herbe, a famous and green public beach on the north coast of Mauritius. In the distance, towards the east, is Grand Gaube.

… and to share some practical information: 

The bay of Anse La Raie is world famous for its kitesurfing spot (to the left of Lagoon Attitude). On the horizon, Cap Malheureux, and beyond Grand Baie, are symbols of the dynamism of the north.

Woréka, whose reactions are scattered throughout the video, pays tribute to a famous Mauritian musician in the 29th minute:

(Woréka) “This edit of a legendary sound is a little surprise for the set! Ras Kouyon is an essential track by Kaya, here covered by Menwar, another emblematic figure of Mauritian music.”

The Mauritian artist explains his approach: “I prepared this set as a journey, thinking of this magical setting, with the idea of slipping in a bit of Mauritian culture.” End clap! Now it’s up to you to make this trip, immersed by the calmness of the north of the island, with your feet in the sand, to the rhythm of Mauritian culture. Head for Ti Zil!

We Love Maurice #2 | Woréka @ Ti Zil

Written with love by Victor


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