7 Mauritian Food and Drink Pairings You’re Going to Love

Tuesday February 20, 2024

Traveling and discovering a country is also about meeting the locals, diving into their habits. And of course, tasting the local gastronomy!
Mauritius stands out for its diversity and cultural richness. Such diversity is also found in our dishes!
If you like discovering various world cuisines, you will adore Mauritian gastronomy. At the crossroads of several cultures, it is the perfect mix between Indian, Creole, Arabic, and Asian cuisines. Here are the 7 typically Mauritian food and drink pairings that will transport your taste buds to new horizons.


Traditional Food and Drink Pairings

In Mauritius, traditional dishes are enjoyed with family or friends, at home, on the beach, or at a restaurant. Locals love to gather and savor good dishes surrounded by their loved ones. Festive moments, filled with sharing and conviviality.

  • Mine bouilli + Pearona

Credits : Kerwin Yip


During a stay in Mauritius, it’s impossible to miss the mine bouilli. This popular dish is strongly inspired by Asian culture. Made of mines (noodles), small pieces of meat, eggs, onions, and sometimes fresh vegetables, it’s the hearty dish that Mauritians like to eat at any time. It is usually accompanied by a Pearona, a sweet and fizzy drink with pear flavors. A more than perfect mix!

  • Mine frit/ riz frit + coca


If you visit our island, you absolutely must taste a mine frit or a riz frit. It’s a dish that Mauritians adore. It consists of rice or noodles sautéed with vegetables and meat. For vegetarians, this dish exists without meat, and it is just as delicious. A Coca-Cola to aid digestion and add a sweet note: delight guaranteed!

  •  Poisson corne, satini bringel, stuffed chilies + rum

If you’re a fan of happy hour, make your way to a local bar or tavern to indulge in some excellent rum, the undisputed favorite local drink. Mauritians like to accompany it with a “gajak soular”. It’s a Satini Bringel, a type of fresh eggplant caviar, enjoyed with fried “poisson corne” and lemon. And finally, delicious stuffed chilies. A gustatory marriage often savored among friends or colleagues after a day’s work.

  • Barbecue grillades  + Phoenix beer


Grill lovers, you have chosen your travel destination perfectly!
On Sundays, Mauritians gather with family on the beach to enjoy barbecue grillades. Delicious smells of grilled fish and meat invade the beach, while the music is in full swing. A sunset, grillades accompanied by a fresh, local beer like Phoenix or Blue Marlin, what more could you ask for?

  • Briani + Pepsi


There’s no dish more generous than Briani. It’s a dish from the Muslim community made with rice and spices. It is often prepared with chicken or lamb, but sometimes with beef or fish. Served with tamarind (a local fruit), a small cucumber salad, a satini pomme d’amour (diced tomatoes, onions, vinaigrette) and accompanied by a Pepsi, Briani will not leave your taste buds indifferent.


Unexpected Food and Drink Pairings

Beyond the traditional culinary specialties, there are less conventional flavor pairings.

  •  Bread, butter, gâteau piment + mauritian tea


Credits : L’atelier de Kristel

As a snack or breakfast, locals appreciate gâteau piment, a classic of Mauritian cuisine. It’s a small fried cake in the shape of a ball, made of yellow split peas (dholl), green chilies, cumin, curry, and coriander. Mauritians like to eat it in bread and butter. Sometimes even adding jam and “kraft” style cheddar cheese.
It’s common for children to bring their bread and gâteau piments to school, wrapped in a napkin, in case of a little hunger!
It pairs very well with Mauritian tea. A black tea often very strong, with milk and sugar. Yes, the combination might surprise, but believe us, it works very well!

  • Roti / dholl puris + tamarind juice



To conclude this culinary immersion beautifully, we highly recommend the Mauritian roti. Convenient to eat on the go, the roti is a small crepe in which one can add either:

  • curry of large peas (cap peas for a vegetarian version)
  • a meat or fish cooked in sauce with potatoes
  • A rougail based on tomato sauce

Or these options at the same time! Mauritians like to add achards (fruits or vegetables marinated in brine) and a fresh and sweet note with tamarind juice.


Voilà! Now you’re all set to discover the culinary wonders of Mauritius on your next visit—or even to dazzle your guests with some Mauritian-inspired recipes at home. Whether you’re a fan of traditional cuisine or in search of culinary adventures, whether you’re vegetarian or not, you’re sure to find something to delight your taste buds in the rich gastronomy of Mauritius.

So, are you ready for a Mauritian culinary journey?

Written with love by Manon Antoine


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