In Port-Louis, the top 5 spots for food lovers

Friday February 4, 2022

Maraz dholl puri 

On the island, if the queue is long, it is an indication that you can trust the quality of the product sold in the trolley or behind the counter! 

Maraz, in Port Louis market is a good illustration of the assertion above… Noon is the time for lunch, both in the private and public sectors. The dholl puri production is at its peak…no time for small talk! Get in the queue, be patient and just watch… It’s your turn: “Ki ou pou pran? Kombien”? (What would you like and how many?) The vendor is quick and skilful: the round pancake made of flour and split peas, locally known as dholl or dal, dances on the palm of one hand while the other one plunges a spoon in the katoras or containers, placing delicately the content on the dholl puri itself… Handing over this masterpiece to the client, the vendor pockets his money… Next one please!                                                                                                                            

Just sit on the steps outside the market, enjoy your dholl puri in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the capital… A so real ‘like a local’ experience!

Pillay’s Alouda

Alouda is a traditional Mauritian multi-flavoured drink made from milk and tukmaria seeds.
At Pillay’s, glasses are filled quickly and efficiently… here no queue or almost none. Just wave your hand and your glass turns up as if by magic! Enjoy your drink, refreshing and thirst quenching… Do not forget to pay and hand over your glass, mutual trust!  Here, like at Maraz’s, the sight is quite fascinating at peak hours… A real management lecture for times of crisis!

The Chinese biscuit shop: Port Louis’ main biscuit supplier!

So small! This is your first impression… appearances can be misleading! This tiny shop is the biggest Chinese cakes supplier in Port Louis! Here you will discover yet unknown flavours. It’s worth the detour, give it a try!

Dim sums at café Shanghai

Café Shanghai is very popular when it comes to dim sums: steamed small bite-sized portions of meat, fish or vegetables wrapped in a dough and often served in a broth… Mauritians are fans of dim sums! Businessmen, workers, families and tourists are all welcomed. No tablecloths, ceiling fans and a TV screen on the wall… Nothing to write home about when it comes to the decoration… but the dim sums are beyond words, they melt in the mouth… Unforgettable!

Marie Jo’s shop

All food-lovers, cooks and amateur cooks will fall under the spell, it’s just like entering on tip toe in Alibaba’s cave! You name it, you’ll find it! Marie Jo is the Maestro! She takes the deliveries and helps the customers at the same time… Boxes and people are constantly coming in and going out! China Town, an address to remember in Port Louis.

Written with love by Tessa M


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